Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association will meet Monday, Oct 6th, 5:30pm, at The Seymour

Scott Needelman has assumed leadership of the Association and calls upon all residents, property owners and other stakeholders to actively participate in the work of our Neighborhood Association. Come to the next meeting, reach out to Scott to offer assistance and help put together a group that can expand organization and communication, including maintenance of the blog. Scott Needelman -- san1455@att.net -- Tel 305-710-5584.

The Association emerged from the 1996 Flamingo Park Neighborhood Charrette, sponsored by the Miami Beach Community Development Corporation. An Agenda was established on behalf of preservation, good planning and urban design, support for an eclectic mix of people in the neighborhood and other valued attributes of our South Beach historic, urban residential community. We continue to convene the residential community on a monthly basis to discuss important issues and take appropriate action. In 2007 the reorganized Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association tailored its agenda to focus upon quality of life, mobility and diverse transportation alternatives, Flamingo Park improvements, and Planning and Zoning initiatives. The Association has advanced preparation for neighborhood infrastructure improvements, including water distribution, storm water drainage and streetscape pedestrian amenities. The organization, registered by the City of Miami Beach as the recognized association for the neighborhood, meets at 5:30 pm on the first Monday of each month at The Seymour, 945 Pennsylvania Avenue, and invites all neighborhood residents, both owners and renters, to attend and to participate